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Illustration Friday topic “twirl”

My submission this week for the topic “twirl” is a happy leprechaun twirling on his hat!

Illustration Friday topic “grounded”

My submission this week  – a tribute to teachers and all they do for the next generation: making sure they are grounded in knowledge.  

Illustration Friday “Brigade”

My submission to IF this week is: Brigade – any group of people organized to do a particular thing or acting under an authority A Brigade of Piebald Mice making plans under the flowers . . .

Illustration Friday -“round”

Happy Thanksgiving to all! My submission this week for the topic “round” : Baby barn owls looking out the round opening of their nest.    

Illustration Friday – “vanity”

This was a fun book cover project I did a couple of years ago for my son who was the editor and founder of  an intellectual journal on a college  campus. “Vanitas”  is a Latin word meaning emptiness, it also is a type of symbolic work of art especially associated with Northern European still life painting.   […]

Working on an assignment

As an illustrator with an assignment before me, the ideas start percolating around in my mind.  I may seem a little preoccupied or day-dreamy.  (Read Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr Betty Edwards, to find out why)  Then something starts taking shape and I must sit down with a pencil and […]

Illustration Friday : “silent”

My contribution this week: – Elf owls watching silently in the moonlight from the saguaro. Elf owls live in the Arizona desert and are one of the smallest owls being no bigger than a sparrow.  

Illustration Friday: “stripes”

  This week’s contribution to Illustration Friday is a little mouse admiring his wonderful coat of stripes.  

“Welcome to Our House” SCBWI state conference

I recently attended the conference hosted by the SCBWI of Arizona for 2011.  It was a great conference this year with top professionals in the children’s book industry sharing their knowledge and expertise.  A breakout session with Wendy Watson, a well published illustrator/author, was particularly helpful to me as she spoke on adding movement and […]