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Illustration Friday Topic “Fragile”

The little hummingbird is so tiny he can perch easily on a fragile stem.

Illustration Friday topic “red”

This is a Pen and Ink drawing with digital painting overlay for a book published through Createspace -

Illustration Friday topic “energy”

I was attempting to put a lot of energy in this drawing of the eagle coming in to capture his dinner. . .  

Illustration Friday topic “secret”

Didn’t have to think very long to know what I wanted to post for secret. My website picture is a rendition of The Secret Garden, here’s a digitally painted version:

Illustration Friday topic “creature”

All different kinds of God’s creatures are the  subjects I enjoy drawing the most, birds being my favorite, but this iguana was fun with all his bumps and scales.

Illustration Friday topic “underwater”

  Recent illustration – a fish talking to a rabbit?!  

Learning Corel Painter 12

Having been working in Photoshop for a number of years, I’m fairly comfortable with the program.  I am able to get around in it pretty well and accomplish  what I want with it. I found some online tutorials by that were really great and helped a lot. I now am learning Corel Painter 12 . . […]

Illustration Friday topic “surveillance”

The bluejay takes his surveillance of the forest seriously – any movement noticed by his watchfulness is met with his ruckus cry.

Illustration friday topic “worn”

This is the final illustration for Rennefarre by Malve van Hassell - these worn out shoes represent all the trouble the main character had throughout the story.

Illustration Friday topic “children”

Children having summer fun outside with pets and bubbles.