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Illustration Friday topic “Sweet”

Sweetness of motherhood!


Illustration Friday topic “Farewell”

I have been watching with delight a house finch make her nest in a honeysuckle bush right outside the back door. She laid three light blue speckled eggs and has sat faithfully day after day even enduring a sand storm one day and rain the next. After baby birds hatched she and the father finch worked hard to feed these little ones. I was looking forward to seeing the new fledglings leave the nest soon.  One morning I looked out and the nest was absolutely gone. It must have been an owl or hawk in the night swooping down and carrying off the whole thing. All that work and attention coming to a sad end. Farewell. . .

bird on nest

Third batch of Quiet Book pages

I have been working on a Quiet book for my granddaughters to use when they are expected to be quiet – at church, in the doctor’s office or maybe on Sunday afternoon. It has been a fun and distracting project, not much pen and ink drawing getting done. But it is fabric art so I really haven’t deviated too much from the creative process. Many of the ideas come from other people – a few are my own. I have moved pictures of the Quiet Book to


Illustration Friday topic “egg”

Canada Geese study – geese in flight, sitting on nest and nest with eggs:

eggs and geese

Illustration Friday topic “whisper”

the sweet song of the robin whispers of spring . . .

pencil sketch of the European robin

spring robin

Illustration Friday topic “Wool”

The wool on this highland long haired sheep was the reason for wanting to attempt it’s drawing. So much character in all those curls!


Illustration Friday topic “wheel”

I have always loved to draw old fashioned wagons with large spoked wheels – the light playing across the wooden pieces and its shadow casting on the ground nearby. fresh and early lr

Quiet Book

I have moved the quiet book pictures and information to

Illustration Friday topic “Wings”

Our winged friends are one of a my favorite subjects to illustrate. This drawing is again from Rennefarre translated by Malve von Hassell – I worked with her on a book project in 2012.


bird with rider


Illustration Friday topic “myth”

The closest thing to a myth I have illustrated  is the recent “Rennefarre” translated from the German language by Malve von Hassell. Recently she informed me of some reviews I have received on my illustrations via a marketing path she has taken with a “Blog Tour” – you may see her posts here:  This should be a note of interest for those marketing a book they have written or illustrated.

Rennefarre  has quite a lot of German history in it along side of folk tale writing. One of the drawings I did was a fire sprite – I used the hedcut method for the illustration. Hedcut is a type of illustrating made famous through the Wall Street Journal.


fire sprite