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Illustration Friday topic “King”

I have had a break through with my illustration work combining the digital painting and my pen and ink. I worked with a client who used Createspace to publish a children’s book. They did a pretty good job with the final book. The interior illustrations were color and full spread so I had the opportunity to work on pieces with the gutter to consider. This piece however is a single page and the final illustration of the book:

King and I

Illustration Friday topic “Peace”

I recent finished a project with a self-publishing author – I think this has been one of the best illustration jobs I have been able to accomplish. Each seems to get better, this is the way it is supposed to be :)

She wanted to have color interior illustrations but to save money chose to have every other page done in color and the opposites to be black and white. I really like the result and will suggest this to future clients. My digital painting is coming along – have found a lot of tips for improvement on Youtube.



Illustration Friday Topic “Fragile”

The little hummingbird is so tiny he can perch easily on a fragile stem.

hummer on lily lr

Illustration Friday topic “red”

This is a Pen and Ink drawing with digital painting overlay for a book published through Createspace –

red shoes lr

Illustration Friday topic “energy”

I was attempting to put a lot of energy in this drawing of the eagle coming in to capture his dinner. . .



Illustration Friday topic “secret”

Didn’t have to think very long to know what I wanted to post for secret.

My website picture is a rendition of The Secret Garden, here’s a digitally painted version:

secret garden coloring lr

Illustration Friday topic “creature”

All different kinds of God’s creatures are the  subjects

I enjoy drawing the most, birds being my favorite,

but this iguana was fun with all his bumps and scales.


Illustration Friday topic “underwater”


Recent illustration – a fish talking to a rabbit?!



Learning Corel Painter 12

Having been working in Photoshop for a number of years, I’m fairly comfortable with the program.  I am able to get around in it pretty well and accomplish  what I want with it. I found some online tutorials by that were really great and helped a lot. I now am learning Corel Painter 12 . . .  there are 700+ brushes on this program and each brush has a list of different forms. There is all kinds of papers and patterns and bunches of others things to try.  I am wading through all the options and trying to figuring out what will work best for my pen and ink overlaid with digital paint. Yesterday my brain swelled trying to see my way through it. But I think I found a crack to put my toe in and am pretty happy with what I have discovered so far.

Illustration Friday topic “surveillance”

The bluejay takes his surveillance of the forest seriously – any movement noticed by his watchfulness is met with his ruckus cry.