Zentangle© is an art form that is very popular world wide right now. The creators have named this a ‘meditational art form’. Basically it’s a series of steps creating beautiful images using repetitive patterns with pen and ink and at the same time achieving a relaxed focus. They are using this method to help all kinds of people in improving mood, calming stressful situations and with anger management.
I personally find the scripture and prayer to the Living God much more helpful in achieving these results.
However, being a pen and ink artist, I was attracted to the pen strokes and patterns popping up on Pinterest involving this method.
As for the ‘relaxed focus and calming effect’ of drawing, this is not a new idea, Betty Edwards in her book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain says, “drawing induces a focused, alert state of consciousness that can last for hours, bring significant satisfaction”
I have for years enjoyed the calming, endorphin like experience of detailed artwork.
The result of looking into Zentangle© for me has been the development of a line of illustrations called ‘Jeweled’ birds and animals. I have cards and prints of these in my Etsy shop.

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