Pen, Ink and Paper . . .

The tools for working in pen and ink are really quite simple.

Since all of Monica’s work is done in a tight drawing technique, it must start with a well developed pencil drawing.  The desired subjects for most of her work are different birds and animals, especially those with wonderful detail in feathers or fur.  As the pencil drawing is developing,  planning must be made for the composition, direction of lighting and what kind of details will be emphasized. This is the stage to correct problems that will be difficult or impossible to change once the inking process begins.

The last stage of the drawing is the inking. This is done with the Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph technical pen. Pen and ink drawing is not very forgiving so care must be taken to draw precisely. A delicately smooth line is created by this pen.  And they are available in a variety of widths allowing the achievement of different textures.

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